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Ran across this in some forum.  

look at this comparison: a "terminally bad" player who plays janky decks, rarely wins any matches in FNM, just playsfor the fun of playing, and doesn't have any tier 1 decks (and wouldn;t know how to play them anyway). He plays MTG when he wants, has fun, and after he loses goes and does somehting else

now look at the obsessive compulsive spike. After spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and scouring the internet for hours about the best deck to play and how to play it, and spending countelss matches playing the same old deck over and over and pver again to get good at piloting it, any loss he has at an FNM is a deep sort of anguish for him, he gets mad, huffs and puffs, feels like crap cause he lost even though he made no mistakes, and sulks for the rest of the tourney.

One of those players is a better competitive player than the other. but the other guy is getting way more out of the game than the spike ever will.

as soon as MTG becomes your vehicle to try and prove somehting about yourself, you need to get out of the game, stat.
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