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I have donated #100 to the WGPO for the best performance by a
senior. This will be given for best performance over expectation by a
player 65 or older regardless of division. If the recipient also
qualifies for a best performance over expectation in his or her division
the $100 will be added; otherwise it will be a separate prize.

Moreover, plans are being made for me to endow this prize in
future world cups (or whatever WGPO chooses to call its major annual
event) so that it will endure as long as the WGPO does, which will
undoubtedly be longer than I will endure. It stems from a desire I have
long held to give something back to the source of much pleasure and
achievement for me for nearly 40 years, and in a larger sense for nearly
60 years. (I played my first game of Scrabble in 1953.) A windfall
from my pension fund early this year made that possible.

Stu Goldman

Given Stu's particular preference for including a little British in his scrabble, and one who is not afraid of the octothorp, do we think that this is GBP #100, as advertised, or simply $US?

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