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Wherein I played 3 games with George. I cannot ever remember being luckier than last night. Haven't studied a word in a year+, at a bar, didn't care about the outcome... of course it all comes together. Total randomness.

Incidents of luckworthiness:

--Averaged 504 over 3 games, all the blanks against 302 average.

--Played 10 bingos to his 1

-- ZAed or AXed or XIed at least 3 or 4 times 50+

--Edleyed tiles out of the bag repeatedly.

Game 1:

From BFLNRRW, I play off BR(E)W and accidentally draw 4. I turn them all up and laugh, showing George BUUS and ask him if I should just throw the S back. He reminds me that I should hide them and he'll pick 3. Oh, right. He turns up BUU and throws back the B (bad luck for him on the S!!) and I play UNFURLS for 87. COME ON!

Game 2:

From JINRTUV I reluctantly decide on JUT(S) for 22 keeping INRV. I think to myself, "well, there's an open O there, just need an E for an OVER word. So I'll play it. Like... OVERNI ... CE. " This is my EXACT thought, and the ONLY OVER word I think of. I then draw E. C. E. I am not making this up.

Game 3:

Turn 1 I go second. DFLORST. He hangs an E.
Turn 2: ALNOPST. There are hanging A,O,R.

-- I get to win a few lucky challenges. He plays WAGONET* on turn 1 (WAGONETTE is good, we both have studied this and thus both are a bit hesitant) on turn one. I have DILOOR? and see the double double, but decide instead to challenge
and play something like LIDO

-- I hold unplayable CEIQTU? and he hangs an R, I get to play CEIQRTU? (only playable, so lucky) and it ends right before a TWS finishing at o14 and I play it anyway expecting it just to be "let's waste tiles to trade scores since I'm up by 150" but instead I draw the D for 69 and he has to forgo.

-- Even the stuff that didn't play was fun, I got to find all sorts of fun words that didn't quite play
DEEGNOPU -- I had played BAUD instead of DAUB to avoid slotting a D at a15, but had I DAUBed it was there

AnIONIC (missed MORAINIC, that woulda been nice)
C(R)ITiQUE (then D for 69 more)

-- block about 5 of his bingos including a 3x3

George was a really good sport about all this. He said last week "Scrabble is a great game, and a lousy sport." referring to just how streaky it can be. I concur. Such a complete luckboxery--what a silly game. We had fun and I'll file this one away for some time when it goes the other way. Part of it was not caring at all, and so being free to just look for everything, but didn't need much on a night like that :)
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