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Guitar Zero

Having fun with lots more practice.  Since I'm starting a really basic music program, I had lots of work assigned on strings 1 and 2 this week.  It's not particularly musical (in fact, some of is more likely to amusia than amuse ya) but hey, fundamentals are important so I grind them cheerfully like learning the 2s.

It's possible to try and make something interesting out of most of these things, anyhow: one "song" on the very first page was titled "Spanish Theme" and goes 


So rather than just treating it as a fingering exercise I was trying to figure out some sort of chord that would end it to replace the final E, and what sort of scale it was in.  So I settled on Am as what I thought fit best with the music.  I talked with my teacher about it yesterday and he said he thought the song fit best into a Phrygian scale (I mean, we're playing 3 notes here).  He thought that Am did fit nicely; he also suggested E, and said even C if you wanted to be sort of janty or even whimsical.  He finished with "of course there's no 'right' answer here."

I have some other piece titled "Blues" on page 2 of this book which is something like (sorry, from memory)

BBDE | GEDC | BBDE | G F |  BBDE | GEDC | BBDE | G G |  and then some more, finishing with DDDD | CCCC | BBDE | G G

which is pretty uninteresting as written with quarter notes in 4/4, but if you put a blues shuffle to it, it actually sounds quite a lot better, at least to my ear!

I actually almost deleted this post because it shows what an amazingly massive beginner I am and I really hate not projecting competence.  I know this is like a scrabble post about 

AA is actually a word; it means lava!

But whatever... I've been enjoying the guitar and writing about it is fun too.  This week I'm all Yankee Doodle and Love Me Tender and Ode to Joy and Rockin Robin and Au Clair de Lune, as per Zamez' recommendation ;-)
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