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I cannot lift this.

The 13th Warrior is not an especially good movie, and it is not an especially good translation of the Crichton book either.  That said, there is one part in it which I really liked when I saw this, what, 12 years ago? and I still like it today.  It comes to mind quite frequently.

The basic plot of the movie is that a smaller Arab fighter is recruited against his will to fight alongside Vikings, who are simply indifferent to him, ignoring him, speaking in their own language, and giving him exactly zero support.  He is left to figure things out himself.  Wikipedia says "Ahmed learns Norse during their journey by listening intently to their conversations. He is looked down upon by the huge Norsemen, who mock his physical weakness and his small Arabian horse..." which seems approximately consistent with my memory--it HAS been 10+ years since I saw it.

At one point, they are off to battle and someone chucks him a giant 2-handed sword to defend himself with (he's used to a sabre or something closer to a rapier):

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan (reproachfully): I cannot lift this.
Herger the Joyous: (laughs) Grow stronger!

Honestly, 95% of the time in response to complaining or analyzing why something didn't go the way I wanted, this is all I need.  I can lament about luck or failing to reach my goals or the problem being located extrinsically...  Grow stronger!  And it's not just for complaints, either.  I actually feel pretty energized by this most of the time.

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