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11 March 2011 @ 07:41 pm
A new entry from drbing!

Let the rejoicing commence!
20 February 2011 @ 01:35 pm
George and I went to a bar to catch up last night. We ended up playing a couple of games, and since I haven't been studying and have nothing vested in who wins and who loses, I suggested that we now switch to Collins. I played with the 2s and 3s list.

The first game we played was one of those nice games where everything seems to go pretty well. I got to make a number of nice overlaps and generally didn't have any really really tough racks. George played ANTI(C)IZE# with the word ending right before a DLS, so I took advantage of 5-pt challenge. I paid him a nickel to be sure it was good, and then dropped GLAD on it for 58, hanging the G in the 3x3 in 5th position. The next turn I had AALSTTY, but George had taken the C. I played off TAY# for 25ish and to SLAT drew ??E. George had slotted another G in 4th position on the other side, so I had my choices! I played STRAGGLE 3x3 because it was the first thing I saw and the points were all identical no matter what I played. ALmaGEST, STAGEfuL, and vuLGATES were some of the cute ones that could have played.
Though he bingoed a few times, my 3x3 plus SNEAK for 45, AHED/ZA/GLAD(E)/AH for 45, and then PO# --> (PO)OP/O(BEY)/(ZA)P for 47 made it so I won my first home game of Collins and first game in 6 months over the board about 530-430.

In the second game I didn't know BOATIES# or JUR(E)# (cuz, uh, I don't know any Collins) and George won that one as I struggled with junk quite a lot. We both had fun!

Anyhow. I plan to be playing mostly Collins when I do play. It turns out that while a bit slower, my board vision isn't that bad (or, rather, not much worse than it used to be).
23 December 2010 @ 11:20 am
Highlights: Winter Reno.
Lowlights: NSC (minus the people, who were good)

Gee, THAT was worth posting.
21 November 2010 @ 10:42 am
11-2 in that field so far! Go Matthew! Looks like 2 more games against ol' Jack Frost for all the marbles...
14 September 2010 @ 09:30 am
Has been treating me well!

I've been playing a lot of computer games--games I never felt like I had time to play because there were words to study. Mostly co-op with a couple of close friends. Also been playing some Dragon Ages, some Titan Quest, Borderlands. I might get the old and the new Fallout3 stuff. Happy to say I've been staying far away from MMOGs though. That would be like choosing to get back to smoking crack, with the exception that crack is probably better for you.

I even played a little bit of blitz on ISC. That's been fun from time to time.
14 August 2010 @ 11:58 am
Here are the only 2 plays I made that are even vaguely worthy of note. Uninspired tournament.

Jason: Turn 4
   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O   -> Jason                    AEHIRST   100 
   ------------------------------     R&all                    xxxxxxx   134 
 1|=     '       N       '     =| --Tracking-----------------------------------
 3|    -       ' R '       -    | XAJLOPUTEKODFIAIINSST  65
 4|'     -       V R O U W     '|
 5|        -     E     T O L D  |
 6|  "       "   l   "       "  |
 7|    '       H E R N     '    |
 8|=   A Z U R E S       '     =|
 9|    D A P   ' s '       '    |
10|  "       "       "       "  |
11|        -           -        |
12|'     -       '       -     '|
13|    -       '   '       -    |
14|  -       "       "       -  |
15|=     '       =       '     =|

Jason: Turn 9
   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O      Marlene Millkent         xxxxxxx   357 
   ------------------------------  -> Jason                    AEGHIRT   313 
 1|=     '       J       W     =| --Tracking-----------------------------------
 2|  K O A   W   O   Q   A   B  | ILDRORVNAEEOSIIBEELTUX  22
 3|G I P     A ' L A I C I Z E D|
 4|' D E F O R M E D     F   T '|
 5|        - R       E -     A  |
 6|  "       A       V       I  |
 7|    '     N '   ' E     ' N U|
 8|=     '   T H E G N S '   E M|
 9|    ' T O Y '   U   C   ' S  |
10|  "       "     l " h     "  |
11|        -       O   O        |
12|'     -       ' S   L -     '|
13|    -       '   I   A   -    |
14|  -       "     T " R     -  |
15|=     ' P U N N Y     '     =|

Briefly looking through a few games... already found a couple of big misses. A ho-hum performance with ho-hum drawing = lousy record.
10 August 2010 @ 05:32 pm
Well, I actually think I've been playing all right so far this week. There always needs to be a confluence of circumstances that lead to a bad tournament, with some things going wrong and probably some mistakes at key times that I made. The field is so strong that I played mostly 1800s the entire week and unfortunately came up short a lot of times.

I've never had a 1-6 day before, and the experience is... interesting. I averaged 344 today.

My main problem has been failing to steal games where opponent gets both blanks, while not doing much with my 2 blank games, and not wringing many (14 in 28 games) bingo scores out of the blanks when I do draw them. Blanks aren't everything, but I wasn't making it happen this time.

My challenge grid is almost entirely green, AFAIK: I tried an intentional phony PINONCEL* which got challenged off, but the other two intentional phonies I played stayed, and I've challenged off several phonies, and had several of my good words challenged.

I know of one bingo I missed that I saw 2 turns later written on my scoresheet and was aghast.

Record with 2 blanks: 3-1 (was 51-239 after 4 turns in the loss)
Record with 1 blank: 7-5
Record with 0 blanks: 1-11

Congrats to Nigel. 3 more games and I'll be on my way home.
The good:

ALoPEC(I)C (also saw CEPHALIC)

The bad: I played a lot of second best bingos.

missed TIRE(WO)MAN 2x2 because I found a 2x2 eight in the other direction too quickly and didn't bother to look :( I am 100% confident I would have seen it had I even LOOKED. It's just like missing a floater. I *hate* that.
missed BOSSIER. Because that's a tough word. Saw RIBOSES, verified that it didn't play, on with the rest of suckage. I think this is a pretty common mistake of mine, where if I find a bingo I don't look to be sure there are no others.
I played WEENSIER for 64 instead of NEWSIER for 82. I apparently cannot find IER sevens.

Pretty typical session for me... one game I'm happy with, one train wreck with lots of 5-8 point mistakes, and a couple middling efforts. I won my games this week and last but results are nearly meaningless; quality of play is where it's at.

A 9-1 run against George in the last week means I'm finally back to 50% for the year (!)

PoRT(L)IER 2x2

Today/yesterday using a random blitz account:

- Accused of cheating by some NASPA club player, assorted nonsense about joining TPG
- Made to wait out 5 minutes because didn't play out last tiles faster than in 15 seconds in a bingoless win with 310 (!!!) points
- had sequence POTBoIL/TOY/ASCARiD 2x2/ragequit
- in general played meatballs

Never. Waste of time. Wanted to get some practice in--that was not practice.